Welcome to my site.

I'm a philosopher of the sciences with a background in scientific practice.  That is, I studied and worked in science before becoming a philosopher.  Now I do work in the philosophy of biology, philosophy of chemistry, philosophy of science, and other related aspects of science and technology studies.  I also work on issues in bioethics, medical ethics, environmental ethics, and research ethics.  My general philosophical approach is to apply carefully gathered knowledge of scientific cases and practices to my own and others' assumptions about metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics.  Finally, I like to do occasional work in non-traditional aesthetics, for a bit of philosophical fun.

I have a BA in Philosophy of Life Science, an MA in Philosophy, and I very recently obtained a PhD in Philosophy and Science Studies from the University of California, San Diego (in March of 2014).  My dissertation work focused on the individuation and classification of biological and chemical kinds.  I am currently the philosopher-in-residence at The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, where my principal mandate is to initiate the museum's Conceptual Foundations of Science project, by contributing to aspects of the philosophical and scientific work on species concepts.  Following my residency at the Field, I will join the Philosophy Department at Oakland University as an Assistant Professor.

Please feel free to explore the site, and don't hesitate to contact me with any additional queries.