I obtained my PhD from the Philosophy Department and Science Studies Program at the University of California, San Diego.  I defended my dissertation on January 29, 2014 and graduated on March 21, 2014.  The title of my dissertation was Biochemical Kinds and Selective Naturalism, and my committee members were William Bechtel (Chair), Nancy Cartwright, Craig Callender, Cathy Gere, and James Griesemer.

From April 28, 2014 until July 31st, 2015 I was the Philosopher-in-Residence at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, helping to initiate the Conceptual Foundations of Science project in the museum's Integrative Research Center.  As of August 15, 2015 I am an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.

Some of my academic work in philosophy is listed below, with links to the publications where possible.  Please see my CV for a more comprehensive account (and hopefully that document is somewhat up-to-date).  Also, please feel free to email me with any queries related to my work.


Forthcoming in British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

Forthcoming in Perspectives on Science
Co-authored with Matthew J. Brown

Forthcoming in Exploring Inductive Risk
Co-authored with Matthew J. Brown

Forthcoming in Public Affairs Quarterly
Co-authored with Matthew J. Brown

Published in Natural Kinds and Classification in Scientific Practice
New York: Routledge, 74–86
[January 2016]

Published in Journal of Experimental Zoology, Part B: Molecular and Developmental Evolution
324(7): 578–87
[November 2015]

Published in Philosophy of Science
78(3): 512–523
[July 2011]

Published in Bioethics
24(2): 71–77
[February 2010]


Forty Years after Laboratory Life
Invited Talk at UC San Diego
[February 2017]

Paleontological Science and Values
Biennial Meeting of the PSA in Atlanta
[November 2016]

Digging, Dirt, Dinosaurs, and Denisova
Invited Talk at Eastern Michigan University
[October 2016]

Inductive Risk, Deferred Decisions, and Climate Science Advising
6th Annual Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology Conference at UT Dallas
[May 2016]

Homology, Identity, Compositionality, and Non-Transitivity
Biennial Meeting of ISHPSSB in Montreal
[July 2015]

Values in (Paleontological) Science
5th Annual Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology Conference at UT Dallas
[May 2015]

Bridging the Gap between Science and Policy in the Case of Climate Change
Invited Talk at Oakland University
[February 2015]

Messy Chemical Kinds
Biennial Meeting of the PSA in Chicago
[November 2014]

The Disconnect Problem for Science and Policy
Biennial Meeting of the PSA in Chicago
[November 2014]

The Classification of Complex Chemical Kinds
Invited Talk at CSU Sacramento
[September 2014]

Rethinking the Relation between Science and Policy
Invited Talk at CSU Sacramento
[September 2014]

Scientists During Disasters
Invited Talk at CSU Sacramento
[September 2014]

Science-Based Policy as Interdisciplinary Inquiry
Annual Meeting of FEMMSS at University of Waterloo
[August 2014]

Complex Objects and Integrative Pluralism
Biennial Meeting of ISHPSSB in Montpellier
[July 2013]

The Classification of Proteins
Biennial Meeting of ISHPSSB in Salt Lake City
[July 2011]

Mechanism and Natural Selection
Biennial Meeting of ISHPSSB in Brisbane
[July 2009]

Human Reproductive Cloning and Parfit's Non-Identity Problem
Student Research Symposium, San Diego State University
[May 2008]