I indulge in cultural consumption of many flavors, including the serious (literature!) and not-so-serious (video games! comic books!).  Sometimes I mix my philosophical work with these more leisurely activities; occasional excursions of this sort are briefly discussed below.

Medical Humanities

In the spring of 2012, I co-founded the Medical Humanities Research Group, which is funded by the Center for Humanities at the University of California in San Diego (UCSD).  The group is ongoing, and dedicated to the pursuit and development of medical humanities scholarship at UCSD.  The research group hosts a monthly reading group attended by doctors, literary scholars, medical students, philosophers, psychologists, scientists, writers, and more.  The group discusses classic literature with medical themes, literature written by doctors, and pieces from patients' perspectives—and blogs about these discussions.  (More information about the reading group available here.)  During my tenure, the research group also taught a class at UCSD's School of Medicine: Literature, Medicine, and the Doctor-Patient Relationship (Family and Preventative Medicine 262, Winter 2014).

Pop Culture Studies

I occasionally do semi-academic work in what might be called "non-traditional aesthetics," or the philosophy of mass art—i.e., in pop culture studies.  I often enjoy (sometimes critically, sometimes unreservedly) much of the intriguing blend of art and entertainment that is today's popular culture.  I am especially interested in elements of the sci-fi and fantasy genres in all sorts of media (including but not limited to books, film, television, comics, and games).

For instance: I've written about the video game franchises Halo and Zelda; I've discussed the comic books Asterios Polyp, Logicomix, and Y: The Last Man at Comic-Con; I've been interviewed by Print Mag as well as the Official Xbox Magazine; and I've guest-blogged at Comics Forum.  My contributions to pop culture consumption and critique can be further explored here...

...but links to a pair of published essays are below.